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We know of many people in Brighton and Hove who can’t afford to keep warm or cook a hot meal in winter. Please help us to help them by passing on part or all of your Winter Fuel Payment to us in the certain knowledge that it will go directly to the fuel needy. Read more

ADUR EAST Wenceslas Project resources

Adur East Lions Club is a friendly charity operating in Shoreham, Southwick and Fishersgate. Read more

FarnhamWenceslas resources

PROJECT WENCESLAS Many people in the Farnham and Haslemere areas struggle to afford to stay warm and cook during the winter. We anticipate that this will be especially true again this year. If you can, please pass on your Winter Fuel Payment or make a donation to us and we will ensure it goes directly to the fuel needy. By working with local agencies such as Citizens Advice, we can target this need. Thank you. Read more

Roar resources

**ROAR2021** intends to promote an entrepreneurial spirit for all students, unlocking their innovative DNA. We aim to do this by challenging your students to create a **‘World Changing Idea’.** Read more

A Gift in Your will

Only you can decide wether can leave a legacy, everyone should make a will. if you die without making one the law decides what happens to your estate and loved ones. Read more


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