Lions are ordinary people doing AMAZING THINGS. As members, we run our own charities where we help those less fortunate than ourselves, in our local communities and beyond.

We do whatever is needed to improve life for all, through helping individuals, or through projects for the environment, sight services, development of youth, and many more.

If you have recently tried volunteering and enjoyed it, or are thinking about serving your community; become a member of a local Lions Clubs and join the Lions world of projects and interests  

As a member you also play an important part in deciding how to make a difference in your community.  Lions step forward to tackle local community challenges wherever they occur.

When you join a Lions Club, you will be able to make a real difference. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Help make the decisions on your club’s projects as each club is a registered charity with trustees 
  • Call on the support of other Lions Clubs near you
  • Draw on advice and resources from the world’s largest Service Clubs organisation
  • Improve your leadership skills and increase your networking as training is always available to help you
  • Give as much or as little time as suits you
  • Make new friends and socialise
  • Travel to other countries to visit other clubs and learn 
  • Have fun with your fellow Lions

 If you would like to know more, please complete this form