WE have over 1.4 million men and women as our global membership of Lions Clubs and are still growing. Our strength is in our friends, family and global neighbours to help in our volunteerl network and allows us to help our local communities and work with volunteers and partner to complete our projects. Lions Clubs often work together on larger projects to achieve our goals when a larger sum of money is required or large numbers are required to complete a task. When we meet others we always have time to socialise and have fun.

Have Fun and Make a Difference.

We give our time and effort to local causes to support others or to raise funds for projects. Some of our volunteers do both but the important thing is to enjoy what we are doing with others and to be satisfied that the cause is worthwhile and will make a difference in our community. You will see on other pages that we have been helping good causes for over 100 years now the ways we work have changed a great deal and will continue to develop but the desire to serve others and help meet the needs of society are much the same today as then.

It is far easier today to come together as “The Family of Lions” and when we do it can make a phenomenal difference.

In 2021 we will continue with all our local projects but collectively we are focussed on FIVE AREAS of help Diabetes, Environment, Hunger Relief, Paediatric Cancer and Vision and with all your support we will make a big difference in all these service areas.

Or give your time as a VOLUNTEER.