Ahead of their last Zone Meeting of the Lions Year, Members of Zone 2a attended a celebratory dinner at the Miller & Carter Steakhouse in Patcham, Brighton, on Tuesday 13th June.  Joining Zone Chair Claudine Rogers were Lion President Frances Burt, Lion Secretary Colin Burt and Lion Barbara Brooker (from Adur East), Lion Secretary Bob Brown and his wife, Lion Sheila (from Brighton Lions), Lion President Rose Carter (from SEBI), Lion President Colin Meagher, Lion Secretary Dennis Peckham and Lion Francoise Rabin (from NP&S) and finally, Lion President Roger Bluff (from Rottingdean & Saltdean). 
Although sadly there was no time for dessert, the meal was a great success and everyone headed to Lions Dene (Brighton Lions purpose built flats, with Meeting Room (and Bar) below)!  Zone Chair Claudine duly called the meeting to order joined by additional Lions from Rottingdean & Saltdean (Lions Geoff Rhodes and David Endersby).  
Once all the usual formalities of the meeting were concluded, Zone Chair Claudine congratulated NP&S for their very successful sponsorship of the winning Young Ambassador, Isobel Halworth.  Isobel’s Period Poverty project won at the UK Finals in Dudley, but sadly, due to some changes relating to the age of entrants, Isobel was unable to proceed to the European Finals.  It was however a fantastic Project and Zone Chair Claudine happily passed over the Young Ambassador Cup to Lion President Colin Meagher.
Whilst ALL the Clubs in the Zone have done great work throughout the year, Zone Chair Claudine felt special mention needed to go to NP&S Lion, Francoise Rabin.   Her tireless work with the ROAR Project last year was nothing short of AMAZING and needed to be appropriately highlighted.  Fran spent over 60 hours convincing schools of the benefits of the ROAR programme. Her commitment is commendable and although appreciated by Fran, flowers and a Zone Certificate really don’t do her work justice. Well done NP&S on having the winning school too!
As a result of the re-zoning, NP&S and SEBI will no longer be joined with R&S, Brighton and Adur East, but will instead become part of the new East Sussex Zone, 1c, together with Bexhill, Hastings, Uckfield & Hailsham, under their new Zone Chair, Lion Roger Bluff.    Zone Chair Claudine would like to take the opportunity to thank all her Clubs for supporting her in her first year as Zone Chair.  As a result of re-zoning, year two looks to be a challenging one, but hopefully everyone will aim to work to the benefit of Lionism, and fingers crossed, next year's celebratory dinner will be just as enjoyable!  xx