Fellow Lions.

With the launch of the spot camera getting closer, the D.G. team will be looking to train suitable Lions who are interested in this amazing project within our schools.

You will of course have to have a Disclosure and Barring Service check and have to produce your certificate.

If you have been checked already and you are on the update system please supply your update notification along with your certificate.

Those of you who are not on the update system will be required to be rechecked and then you can join the update system within 28 days of issue of your new certificate.

Regarding the resolution that was unanimously passed at the Multiple District convention in Birmingham last year, all new Lions will be as far as legally possible ( Scotland have different rulings ) required to be DBS checked as soon as arrangements are made with the District V.P. officer.  All district secretaries will be asked to produce a list of all new Lions from March last year to the current date and arrangements will be made for checking of these new Lions.