Two years ago Cam of Worthing won the Shipshape award at the Young Ambassador competition in Dudley. He had to wait until he was 16 to take part but this July he had the trip of a lifetime on board the Jubilee trust ship S V Tenacious. With him went last year and this year’s winners Kate and Imran. This is some information about the trust and pictures from Cameron. 


We deliver our Mission aboard our very special tall ship, SV Tenacious. As the only tall ship in the world designed and built to be sailed by a truly mixed ability crew, this includes people with a wide variety of impairments and health conditions.


Aboard Tenacious people become deeply immersed in an inclusive sailing experience. At sea, where conditions can be unpredictable and sometimes wild, the experience is challenging and can be intense. 

Diverse teams work together to sail the ship and perform tasks with real responsibilities. The adaptive design of Tenacious creates an accessible and enabling environment. Everyone is seen and treated as equal and contributes to the best of their ability. 

On a JST sailing adventure, experience barriers break down, differences disappear and friendships form. 


We welcome people from all walks of life from age 16 upwards on a voyage. There is no upper age limit on either voyages or day sails. Many people who sail with us are complete sailing novices, whilst some are passionate tall ship sailors. 

We aim to make a difference to the lives of all our participants, but we know that our impact is especially strong for: 

  • disabled people, including those with physical impairments and learning disabilities or difficulties

  • those dealing with long term health issues or mental health conditions

  • the lonely or socially isolated

  • those dealing with significant challenges or change in their career or educational life

  • people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including disadvantaged youth 

"People thrive in the environment of a tall ship because it meets life’s most important needs. To belong to something bigger than yourself that you are proud of. To be valued. To be part of a community and to have something meaningful and interesting to do every day.”  -- Vince, Vision Rehabilitation Specialist

If you know someone who would benefit from this experience why not put them forward for the YA competition next year. This is open to young people aged 14-19 who are doing amazing voluntary work in their community. The winner of the competition will win £1000 and go on to the European finals but the ShipShape Award is given to a young person who the judges believe would benefit from this leadership experience. If you require further information about the award please contact me,

Val Roberts , 

District Officer YA .