Worthing Lions earlier this year donated £5,000 to Genesis Performing Arts to help fund their entry of 6 to 18 year olds to the Dance World Cup competition with their tops bearing the Worthing Lions logo.

Genesis Performing Arts returned from representing England at the Dance World Cup with 65 medals and 27 double silver medallists along with 11 bronze medallistsmaking them one of the leading schools in the country and certainly in the Sussex area!

Genesis say they could not have done this without the support of the Worthing Lions!


Worthing Lions are proud to have planted flowerbed number 43 on Worthing Promenade on Sunday 11th June as part of the Seafront Planting Competition where groups and organisations adopt a flowerbed and look after it during the summer. 


At the end of February Worthing Lions received a request:

'Our Granddaughter was given a Lions teddy bear at Worthing hospital, by a nurse in the Children's Centre after she had had a blood test, when she was 6 months old.  This teddy (see attached photo) has always been her favourite soft toy.  Charlotte is 4 now and we have lost the teddy.  She is distraught and we cannot find it despite looking everywhere. 

Do you still have these teddys?  If so, I would be grateful if you could let us have one.  I will donate £25 to the Lions.

So began the great Teddy Bear hunt. Worthing Lions members tried to find a bear.

  • Was it from Brighton Lions? 
  • Was it handed out by paramedics or hospitals? ​
  • Was it from the freemasons? 
  • I might have one in my loft. 
  • Can we buy one? 

eventually one was located. 

After extensive enquiries two Lions Tony and Joy drove to Partridge Green to collect a teddy which they had located. 

This was the given to the young girl making a very happy 4 year old and the Club £25 better off.