"If there is no water, life is not possible.  People can live only because there is water." 

Bishnumaya Shrestha, a 78 year old from Kalinchowk highlights one of the essential needs of human beings everywhere: access to clean water.

We depend upon clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, and producing food.  But one in nine people around the world does not have clean water close to home.  In remote areas like Shailung and Kalinchowk in Dolakha district, Nepal, many communities are geographically dispersed and do not have equal access to services.  This means that they often have no choice but to dedicate a substantial portion of their day to collecting water.

The effects of this are felt most acutely by those who are most vulnerable. For elderly people like Bishumaya, the physical strain of carrying a gagri (a water pot) home only increases with age. She explains the difficulties she faces:

"My legs tremble and I am exhausted after walking a few steps. The walking path is narrow and steep."

That is why, one and a half ago, we embarked on a project to bring clean water to 6,000 people in Dolakha, including Bishnumaya, and empower communities to lobby their governments for their rights to water, sanitation, and hygiene.

We at WaterAid are delighted to share with you the progress we have made so far.