Help for Headway Newick.

Nearing the end of the first lockdown in 2020 ,Uckfield and District Lions Club were approached by the Headway unit at Newick for a donation towards screens to provide a safe covid friendly environment which would allow them to continue with their work providing care and help to those in need of their services.

Uckfield Lions pledged £650 towards costs of the screens, after further consideration Headway decided that even with screening they could not provide a safe enough environment for the people in their care. 

In 2021, with Covid vaccinations and a relaxation of the second lockdown, Uckfield Lions were delighted to be able to honour their pledge to help Headway back up and running. Screens are now in place and Headway are operating in an extremely strict bubble, helping people on their road to recovery. Lions have also provided three IPADS and heavy duty covers for them, to prevent damage if dropped.

Headway East Sussex offers rehabilitation and support services for people with acquired brain injuries, their families and carers. A brain injury can result from many different causes including stroke, accident, tumour, sporting injury.

Headway East Sussex provides a range of day services, offering tailored rehabilitation and reablement programmes, as well as a variety of advice and support services to those affected across the whole of East Sussex including Brighton and Hove and parts of West Sussex.

If you have a brain injury or are caring for someone with a brain injury we are here to support and help you both practically and emotionally  please visit for further information. 

UCKFIELD and DISTRICT  LIONS CLUB CIO Registered Charity number 1181177