New Medical Kit Bags to enable quick access to life-saving equipment at all times 

Treating patients in their homes, the road or a supermarket is a very different world to treating patients in the Emergency Department. Well made, durable kit bags are crucial. We have a 90 second window to make an effective intervention and having everything we need with us, easily at hand is so important”

Jo, KSS Paramedic. 

KSS’s primary kit bags, haemorrhage control bag (red) and airways bag (blue), are taken to every patient and are carefully curated to carry everything needed to treat a patient at the scene. The KSS crew often runs from the helicopter landing site to the patient’s side carrying these bags on their backs, alongside other bags in their hands, including plasma and the controlled drugs used to take the patient’s pain away. Kit bags contain a wide range of equipment, including monitors and ultrasounds. They also carry everything needed to control bleeding, deliver blood transfusions, and fix broken limbs. 

A working group of both paramedics and doctors has redesigned these primary bags to increase their functionality so that the crews can access equipment more quickly and easily, including in flight. 

The working group also considered the ergonomics of the bags to ensure greater comfort when carrying and manoeuvring these to the scene on foot. The new bags are slightly bigger than the current models but offer the opportunity to condense some of the equipment and kit, allowing the crew to carry fewer bags to the scene. 

The layout also provides greater efficiency in storing these sensitive controlled drugs and accessing all the contents, allowing swifter patient treatment when time is critical. For example, the new Tempus Pro patient monitors (as provided by Lions of 105SE) have a printer attached to the back, and the new bag gives much better access to this printer, allowing the crew to acquire vital patient statistics in no time. The bag dimension and makeup are much improved for comfort and fit, allowing the weight to sit in the right position on the back. 

The new bags can be stored on either side inside the helicopter and at a height where, unzipped, the contents will be displayed at floor level, allowing easy sight and access to all the contents during flight. Their positioning will also speed loading of the aircraft, with each doctor and paramedic responsible for one bag, buying time when every second counts. 

The new bags will mean KSS crews can access equipment better to deliver care on the move. Such innovation is vital, bringing more efficient A&E level care and equipment to the side of the road and in the air. This will benefit patients by enabling them to receive early life-saving intervention whilst simultaneously being rapidly flown to a specialist hospital, thus saving more lives. 

The funding required for eleven sets of new primary kits bags to include all associated inserts (intubation modules, drug modules and other sundry bags) for KSS helicopters and rapid response cars is around £40,000. Through the huge generosity of Lions in our District, we have so far raised £28,000, so we still have a way to go. 

Please support this latest initiative all you can by sending donations to the District Charities Treasurer in the normal way, clearly marked “Air Ambulance”.