Muntiple District Officer for Pediatric Cancer 2023 to 2026.

As DG Rizvi Rawoof well concluded the Cabinet 6 meeting last June states PID Howard. DG Rizvi’s call to increase membership from the first Cabinet in July 2022 and thereafter to all clubs was adhered, as a result we were able to induct new members to the Lions fraternity, which exceeded 115 by end May. This year with ambitious growth plans we have achieved significant goals. It is an all-time high for the last 3 years. Congratulations to all clubs for their initiative. 2022/2023 was a great year for fund raising and community service. Phrases such as IP Brian’s “Together We Can” and DG Rizvi’s “Together We Serve Better” were observed to the letter by our District. I had the privilege of inducting new members to various Lions clubs in our District.  

I am happy to visit any club for new member orientation which is an important aspect of membership retention. Being a DG, was an enjoyable year. I wish more Lions would express their interests to climb the ladder from 2nd DG upwards. It is an invaluable experience, but serious commitment, should confess.  I have made many friends locally and internationally, particularly with our twinned Districts Germany, France and Austria.  Further, with experience and academic background, one could lead the district to greater heights with pride. My best wishes to all Lions for the year 23/24. As IPDG from 11th July 23, I will be active God willing, as I have been for the last 36 years. I am available to any club who seeks my participation in their activities and guidance when needed. Once again, I thank all the clubs in my District 105SE and MD 105 as well for their support given to me right round the year 2022/2023. 

Empowering Lions: Together WE SERVE Better

IPDG Rizvi Rawoof MJF

Multiple District Officer for Paediatric Cancer 2023-2026

Email: [email protected]