Dartford Lions spent the weekend of the 15th and 16th July 2023 giving free rides to local children.​

Dartford Borough Council gave a donation to Dartford Lions to run their Carousel for the weekend to give entertainment to the community's children, on the 100-year-old carousel that the Lions run throughout the summer.​

Over 1800 rides were given on each over teh course of the weekend to children ranging from about 18 months to 14 years. Many of these children would get off and re-join the queue for another ride!​

The Carousel is a local favourite, and is a regular at the school fairs around the town and wider area, raising thousands of pounds for local charities each year.​

The Dartford Big Day Out was a free event for the local community, which had entertainment, classic cars, steam engines and tractors.​

Although there were high winds, thankfully the weather was kind so it was hot and dry!