Primary school children in the Chichester area are learning about the impact of plastics on ocean ecosystems thanks to the generosity of local Lions. 

Chichester Lions have donated a series of children’s books to primary schools in the area to help children learn about the environmental impact of plastics in our seas and other environmental issues, which are endangering our wildlife. 

The Wild Tribe Heroes books, written by environmentalist Ellie Jackson, follow a range of different animals as they overcome problems in their environment caused by climate change.   

Each book follows the story of a well-loved animal as they encounter ocean plastic and how, through the help of people, the animals are rescued, rehabilitated, and released back to their home. 

A total 14 schools each received a set of seven books. 

Mike Moore, President of Chichester Lions, said: “We hope these resources will help inspire a generation to learn about the impact of ocean plastics and to find out more about how they can make positive changes to the world around us.