In keeping with my crazy thought process, I did so well in my first two weeks, I decided to try to finish in three weeks - well actually, 18 days!  This was down to the fact I had also signed up to take part in Northfleet & Ebbsfleet Lions Club ‘Cycle Round Brands Hatch’, which took place for two hours from 6-8pm on Friday 18th August.  In my twisted brain I thought “What a great way to end my 274 miles for Brain Tumour Research”.  Insanity reigns.

In line with the great British summer, I was slightly hampered by the (usual)? high winds and rains, so was left with little choice but to hit my trusty Reebok exercise bike in front of my TV, sometimes for 5 hours a day!  On the plus side, it did result in me doing more miles in less time (no hills, no winds and ample opportunity to restock waning energy with the contents of my nearby fridge)!

The biggest hurdle this week was however a chest infection, which for someone with a weak immune system and severe asthma, meant everything was very much harder than it would ordinarily be (and it’s not THAT easy at the best of times).  Thankfully, I hadn’t quite calculated my kilometres to miles as accurately as I should (as I always cycle in Kilometres due to the fact it makes me feel like I've cycled further)..  

On reaching Brands Hatch (by car) about 5.30pm on the18th, I had in fact cycled just over the 274 miles!  This was a massive relief, more evident when I started to cycle round the Indie track with all the other riders.  Having never been to Brands Hatch I wasn’t aware of or expecting HILLS! The first was a killer and whilst I saw a few people having to get off their bikes and walk it, I did make it up.  It was however a cruel slap in the face that the chest infection had wiped out my (limited) lung capacity!  I made it round twice but when I say i was ‘toast’ by that time, I’m not lying.  I was heading off the track within about 20 minutes (red-faced from over exertion and puffing like a billy goat)!  

A quick photo opportunity ensued with Lion President Leslie Howes of Northfleet & Ebbsfleet Lions and Mike Parker, District Membership Co-ordinator.  I headed home, happy in the knowledge that I had smashed my 274 mile target (and also done my bit to help Northfleet & Ebbsfleet in their own fundraising).   

Thank you for taking the time to read (and for any donation you might decide to give) xx

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