Already battling against coronavirus and economic instability, the disaster in Beirut adds to the crisis for the people of Lebanon. The pandemic has left hospitals overwhelmed and frontline workers exhausted.

UNICEF is on the ground, helping the thousands of vulnerable children who urgently need support in the aftermath of the disaster. Your donation will help provide safe drinking water and hygiene kits for children and families in the city. It will also help set up counselling to support children who are experiencing trauma and those who have lost loved ones, and help support children in emergency accommodation, ensuring they have mattresses, blankets, and towels. 

Save Generation Covid

Coronavirus is the biggest global crisis for children since World War Two.

New research shows that 1.2 million children could die over the next six months due to the reduction of services – that’s a staggering 6,000 children a day, or a child every 15 seconds.

Coronavirus outbreaks will be especially catastrophic in countries such as Yemen, where the health system is already on the brink of collapse. Only one in three people in Yemen have access to running water, very few people have soap, and many healthcare facilities are closed or only able to provide a very basic service.

The impact of a large-scale outbreak on children, especially poor and vulnerable children, has been immense. Coronavirus threatens children already weakened by war, disease, hunger, and poverty, whose very survival depends on health care, life-saving food, clean water, and medical supplies. Unicef has been working closely with governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Your donations will help to limit the spread of the virus, protect keyworkers, and reduce the impact on some of the world’s most vulnerable children and families.