Sixteen thousand people around the UK are diagnosed with a brain tumour every year, it is estimated that there are 60,000 people living with a brain tumour, some of them are our fellow Lions.

"Many Lions have witnessed family members or friends developing a Brain Tumour. One of our members has two close friends Lions whose spouses suffered Brain Tumours and fortunately these were not life threatening and they recovered....
Very sadly for Arthur* and his wife their daughter just 39 whilst on holiday in Spain, with her husband and 2 young children developed brain tumour ....
.She was diagnosed on return to UK with Grade 4 tumour which meant it would be terminal. After 3 tumours developed and were operated on with usual follow up treatment to prolong her life, soon after her 41st birthday in 2014 she passed away in the May, after terrible suffering.
The pain of losing your daughter so young and the experience of her suffering never leaves you.

You learn to live with every day, some days it’s harder like birthdays and Christmas, even when the grandchildren’s birthday comes round you remember." 

Lions in the South East of England are supporting our national appeal, in which Lions Clubs International (MD105) have partnered with Brain Tumour Research (Registered Charity Number 1153487) in order to raise £1million over the next 4 years

Brain Tumour Research is funding the building of a network of experts at dedicated research centres 

Please support the development of our project and help raise funds for Brain Tumour Research. 

To achieve our target is challenging and we are relying on your generous support. Thank you to those who have already championed this wonderful cause,

Please share your stories and event photos to help others.


* named changed to ensure privacy