Let children think big and dream big!  

‘ROAR 2022 is an inspirational and fun learning experience, enabling children to discover how to use their imagination in exciting new ways, learning how to work in teams, developing their communication and presentation skills and boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.’ 

Lions Clubs are partnering with 8 Billion Ideas, the award winning education company to deliver this exciting learning experience to as many 7 to 11 year old children as possible.

8 Billion Ideas mission is to ‘Give every student on the planet the skill and belief to change the world’. 

The ROAR programme is in its sixth year and will be run in primary schools during the Autumn term, with a National Awards Day in early December. 

So how are the children going to create a ‘World Changing Idea’?

They will work in teams of three in their schools over a 6 week period.

Firstly they look for a problem they have encountered, that they feel would benefit the world if it was solved.

They then look for an idea or think of a product that would help solve this problem, create a model of the product and design a poster and jingle to promote their idea.

The next step is for the team to present their ‘World Changing Idea’ to their class and then to the school. The winning idea for each school will be asked to make a three minute video, which will represent their school on the National Awards Day.

The whole ROAR programme is ‘teacher friendly’ as 8 Billion Ideas provide a live workspace on the internet, with the six lesson plans and interactive features, covering  a number of different areas of the required school’s curriculum, including literacy, maths, science, DT, citizenship and PHSE.

Lions Clubs want to pay for their local schools to enter ROAR 2021, because they know the children benefit greatly from being involved and that school budgets cannot always stretch to exciting learning events like ROAR.

The cost is £170 a school, about £1 a child. So Lions Clubs will support as many schools as possible, but local businesses and PTAs can also fund a school’s entry.

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