Farnham Lions Club

Farnham Lions Club is a very active and progressive club with forty-eight members

The members of the club are delighted to be able to support those in need within its community via its Welfare Team,

All of the above whilst having fun and the opportunity to enjoy a varied social programme.

More information on our activities can be found at www.farnhamlions.org.uk or by e-mailing [email protected].


  • Farnham Lions Club

    Many people in the Farnham and Haslemere areas struggle to afford to stay warm and cook during the winter. We anticipate that this will be especially true again this year. If you can, please pass on your Winter Fuel Payment or make a donation to us and we will ensure it goes directly to the fuel needy. By working with local agencies such as Citizens Advice, we can target this need. Thank you. Read more

  • Heartstart Farnham Lions

    Heartstart Farnham Lions offer free 2.5hr courses that will give attendees the skills and confidence to act in an emergency. "Heartstart" is funded by donations. Read more